Problem Gambling: A guide for helping people experiencing poverty

With Gambling, Gaming & Technology Use at the Centre for Addiction and Mental Health and Good Shepherd Ministries, the Gambling and Poverty Hub at the Centre for Urban Health Solutions co-developed a manual to guide social and health service providers working with people who have low incomes, housing concerns and concerns with gambling.

See here for the pamphlet we created for women experiencing concerns with gambling. It is strength-based and female-specific, providing information about how and why women may gamble, the link between problem gambling and other complex needs, how to manage gambling urges, and helplines and resources. This pamphlet was produced within our Raising Awareness project.

Don’t Leave it to Chance: Problem Gambling Facts for Youth

A pamphlet for youth was also developed in part with our Raising Awareness project. It takes a harm-reduction approach to gambling, but also aims to increase awareness among youth about gambling-related harms. It discusses the ways youth may gamble, how gambling works, why people gamble, how to spot when it’s becoming a problem, how to play smart, and helplines and resources.

Joey’s Story with Problem Gambling: A Whiteboard Video

An animated video developed for and informed by youth who have lived experience with trauma, poverty and gambling. It presents an engaging, illustrated narrative of the challenges associated with youth problem gambling, the recovery process, and resources.

Webinar: Exploring the link between gambling and poverty

Watch this webinar, created by Gambling Research Exchange Ontario (GREO), for an introduction to Dr. Matheson’s gambling and poverty research.